Category 1

So I know there are serious hurricanic (that’s hurricane related for the uninitiated) stuffs right now. But as I nurse Wilder night night (yes, I’m still nursing this dude … otherwise I don’t get that One Year Plaque) I worry that we will lose power. That I’ll have to do something not on my iPhone. That his sound machine won’t be working (daddy Bedgood already pointed out the howling wind and pelting rain will sound much like the ocean setting he loves). That I won’t have my video monitor to watch his everysingle move. And above ALL … Above ALL … Our freezer will defreeze. I will lose (gasp) precious ounces of priceless milk. I have a shelf and a half dedicated to breast milk and I shudder to think of losing it. I considered a generator just to keep the freezer going … But, the truth is that Wilder will be fine without it. It’s my whoa is me mother who pumped and sacrificed to produce that milk pride that’s in danger. And if losing that milk means I don’t make it a full year giving Wilder breast milk … Well, there are other plaques I’ll surely qualify for down the road. Like Most Determined to Force Child to Nap or Organic Food Pusher.


About Amanda Jean Elliott

I am a joyful believer in Jesus Christ, a mother, a sister, a writer, a maker of gluten free roux and a style editor. I love my son Wilder and the wild life that comes with a 4-year-old who has the energy of a pack of wolves. I also love naps (a lot). I love to cook and create my favorite dishes without gluten not because I'm trendy and anti-gluten so much as it makes me feel like I've been run over by a pack of wolves. I teach 5th and 6th grade girls Sunday School and have a classroom of the greatest girls I could imagine. Girls who often teach me more than I teach them. I believe these girls and many others are the spark to start a fire for The Lord the likes of which this world has never seen. I see more and more girls learning about more than just who God is ... but, learning about who God says THEY are. It is my prayer for every woman to know without doubt that we have a good good Father in heaven and whatever is not right on this earth, He will make right in this life or the next.
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2 Responses to Category 1

  1. Angie LeBlanc says:

    I treasured my milk as well! It’s like gold to those of us who want the best for our little ones. I never got the plaque since baby #4 came 6 months after #3 and she was my best feeder. But you are right…there will be plenty of other plaques and some you already won and not even aware of! I love reading your blog. Wilder is blessed beyond measure to have such a smart and loving mom:)

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