It’s the little things in life that bring me joy. And it’s the little things that drive me crazy. I am not too picky about a lot of things. But there are certain things that push my buttons in a way I can’t even articulate (like static on the radio or the feel of flat paint or the smell of mulberry — I can’t enter a Kirkland’s — or people who genuinely don’t get your versus you’re … Maybe I am picky).
One of those things is a Rainbow vacuum cleaner. I’m serious.
Growing up we had one in our two-story house. I don’t know if it was having to vacuum stairs with that two-piece beast or just that I never remembered vacuuming using anything else and I hate vacuuming.
Whatever the cause I was elated when I left home and enjoyed a plain ole upright vacuum. I would never have to fill the water thingy again! Never dump out that grody water! Never have to lug that water thingy around!
Then I married Mr. Bedgood and to my dismay found that little R2D2 demon sitting in his hall closet. I was initially confident it had followed me. Maybe it’s a practical joke? Maybe I’m having a nightmare?
Me: “Honey, there’s a Rainbow vacuum in your closet!”
Mr. Bedgood: “Yeah, it’s great. You just put the water in the …. ”
Me: (who have I married?!?!) “Yeah. Great.”
So this weekend when my mother-in-law offered a trade for her Hoover that she felt is too heavy I happily packed up that evil water thingy and company and even more happily returned home with a good ole upright vacuum. Monday morning I vacuumed first thing to see if it would be everything I thought it would be. O. It was.
It’s the little things.


About Amanda Jean Elliott

I am a joyful believer in Jesus Christ, a mother, a sister, a writer, a maker of gluten free roux and a style editor. I love my son Wilder and the wild life that comes with a 4-year-old who has the energy of a pack of wolves. I also love naps (a lot). I love to cook and create my favorite dishes without gluten not because I'm trendy and anti-gluten so much as it makes me feel like I've been run over by a pack of wolves. I teach 5th and 6th grade girls Sunday School and have a classroom of the greatest girls I could imagine. Girls who often teach me more than I teach them. I believe these girls and many others are the spark to start a fire for The Lord the likes of which this world has never seen. I see more and more girls learning about more than just who God is ... but, learning about who God says THEY are. It is my prayer for every woman to know without doubt that we have a good good Father in heaven and whatever is not right on this earth, He will make right in this life or the next.
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  1. Angie LeBlanc says:

    I love reading your**! post.

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