First first first

There are about 2442456975432 milestones in baby world (no pressure). You know your baby (you hope) will roll over and sit up and crawl and say momma and do the funky chicken dance. Yet, when they actually do it … It’s this surprising thing you felt like you never saw coming.
It was just that way today at our house. Wilder kicked off the day with a perfectly pronounced momma (yeah yeah yeah I know he doesn’t get it’s me but I refute that theory and am confident he totally does). He was being a little too cute today so I stripped him to diaper and put him in the crib and broke out the good camera. As I was snapping away holding a bunny over my head like every good picture takin’ momma does, he grabbed the crib rail and started pulling up. It was astonishing.
Then came the grand finale of the day. When daddy came home Wilder took his army crawl up a notch and did what I’m certain was the most spectacularly cute crawl I’ve ever seen. My heart kind of melted although it was pretty darned liquified following that momma (totally directed toward me) earlier in the day.



About Amanda Jean Elliott

I am a joyful believer in Jesus Christ, a mother, a sister, a writer, a maker of gluten free roux and a style editor. I love my son Wilder and the wild life that comes with a 4-year-old who has the energy of a pack of wolves. I also love naps (a lot). I love to cook and create my favorite dishes without gluten not because I'm trendy and anti-gluten so much as it makes me feel like I've been run over by a pack of wolves. I teach 5th and 6th grade girls Sunday School and have a classroom of the greatest girls I could imagine. Girls who often teach me more than I teach them. I believe these girls and many others are the spark to start a fire for The Lord the likes of which this world has never seen. I see more and more girls learning about more than just who God is ... but, learning about who God says THEY are. It is my prayer for every woman to know without doubt that we have a good good Father in heaven and whatever is not right on this earth, He will make right in this life or the next.
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