Super Baby


Last night this momma mastered the No Sew Costume Solution.
Last week we got an invite in the mail for a super hero theme party (which was a super cute invite) that asked party goers to come as their favorite hero.
I’ve always been partial to Superman (yes I totally watched and loved Dean Cain as the man of steel – don’t hate) and after some debate (we considered letting Wilder go as Tank, which my brother in law started calling him at our last visit) I found a Superman onesie at Old Navy and it was a done deal.
I bought fabric for the cape (a1/2 yard of stretchy dance costume fabric) and some felt for a belt and arm cuffs. He wore red shorts although going sans pants certainly could have worked.
We were an hour late for the party (classic). But in our defense his feeding time fell 15 minutes before the party started and homeboy takes his time savoring that “cereal.”
Late or not – this momma crafted and we weren’t going to waste a perfectly good cape. And this Super Baby was born. He may not be faster than a locomotive. But he definitely has super powers. Including but not limited to:
Spraying cereal at least four yards … In every direction
Growing at a rate that makes me wonder if someone’s slipping him miracle grow
Two words – projectile poo
Sleeps for 12 hours (mommy’s fav!)
And last but not least the ability to light up a room with the world’s cutest most infectious grin



About Amanda Jean Elliott

I am a joyful believer in Jesus Christ, a mother, a sister, a writer, a maker of gluten free roux and a style editor. I love my son Wilder and the wild life that comes with a 4-year-old who has the energy of a pack of wolves. I also love naps (a lot). I love to cook and create my favorite dishes without gluten not because I'm trendy and anti-gluten so much as it makes me feel like I've been run over by a pack of wolves. I teach 5th and 6th grade girls Sunday School and have a classroom of the greatest girls I could imagine. Girls who often teach me more than I teach them. I believe these girls and many others are the spark to start a fire for The Lord the likes of which this world has never seen. I see more and more girls learning about more than just who God is ... but, learning about who God says THEY are. It is my prayer for every woman to know without doubt that we have a good good Father in heaven and whatever is not right on this earth, He will make right in this life or the next.
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