Music to a new mom’s ears

I recently posted about the questions to never ask a new mom, which made me wonder about what queries are not only safe but welcomed as women begin this crazy journey. A few come to mind and all have the same basic foundation – can I help you?
If you know the mom well enough (I mean really well … Like dirty college secrets well) you can start with the simple What can I do that will make your life easier? But even the closest of pals may not want to ask you to do anything specific for them which is why if you really want to help I suggest you get detailed.
Some suggestions (some of which dear friends and even acquaintances offered to me in the course of the last two months):
Can I come do laundry for you? (Insert any household chore for laundry)
Can I bring you a meal?
Do you want me to come sit with you? (This one is best for moms whose families are not near. A friend asked me this as I faced those scary days of my mom who lives seven hours away leaving.)
Do you want me to hold the baby/give them a bottle while you sleep? (When two different friends offered to do this for me I nearly cried for joy.)
The point here is to be specific. Try questions that give her a yes/no answer. Her sleep deprived raging hormone brain needs to be the least taxed and the fact is – no one is going to come out and ask for you to sweep their floors or unload their dishwasher.
The irony of this post is that other than the meals I never took anyone up on their generous offers. Just knowing I had the option was all I needed. And perhaps that’s because above all else new moms want to know that someone gets that they can’t do it all and that it is okay to not be superwoman.


About Amanda Jean Elliott

I am a joyful believer in Jesus Christ, a mother, a sister, a writer, a maker of gluten free roux and a style editor. I love my son Wilder and the wild life that comes with a 4-year-old who has the energy of a pack of wolves. I also love naps (a lot). I love to cook and create my favorite dishes without gluten not because I'm trendy and anti-gluten so much as it makes me feel like I've been run over by a pack of wolves. I teach 5th and 6th grade girls Sunday School and have a classroom of the greatest girls I could imagine. Girls who often teach me more than I teach them. I believe these girls and many others are the spark to start a fire for The Lord the likes of which this world has never seen. I see more and more girls learning about more than just who God is ... but, learning about who God says THEY are. It is my prayer for every woman to know without doubt that we have a good good Father in heaven and whatever is not right on this earth, He will make right in this life or the next.
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2 Responses to Music to a new mom’s ears

  1. Sherry says:

    Great points! I will definitely remember these when my friend here in DC delivers in May. She has no family here either. Thanks for sharing! If I was still in Laffy when Wilder made his arrival you would have no choice but to accept my help b/c I would just show up! 🙂 lol.

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